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The Bulgarian Black Sea town of Byala


Бяла Област Варна
Byala is a town situated at the border between the two main Black Sea coast regions of Bulgaria, at 50 km South of Varna and 70 km North of Bourgas. The area of the Byala municipality is about 164 square kilometers and it includes its administrative center – the town of Byala, along with several pretty little villages: Gorica, Dyulino, Gospodinovo, Samotino and Popovich. The closest town is Obzor, only 5 km from the town of Byala and a famous Bulgarian resort and summer camping town.
The geographical profile of the Byala municipality is more of a hilly terrain type, since it is located at the spot where the Kamchiyska Mountain meets the Black Sea. The town of Byala is at 42 m above sea level.


Sites and venues, which can be enjoyed in and around the Golden Sands resort

Golden Sands

The Golden Sands resort is better known as the “gem of the Black Sea coast” among its Bulgarian and foreign guests.
The main reason for this high recognition is because of the unique natural resources within and around the Golden Sands resort.
The establishment of one of the most famous Bulgarian resorts began back in 1956, and is still a preferred destination by local and foreign visitors nearly six decades later.  It is located in...


The amazing Golden Sands resort

Златни пясъци

Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasuci) is one of the most famous Bulgarian Black Sea resorts, visited by people

from all around the world. The resort was established back in 1956 and is located right next to the

Golden Sands natural park. The resort has an amazing 3.5 kilometer long beach, with golden sand,

reaching a width up to 100 meters at certain places.

Even though the Golden Sands resort is located only...


Places and sights which you shouldn’t miss when visiting Varna


Varna BG

Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria, and is often referred to as the “Seaside Capital” of the

country. The beautiful Black sea town is located in Northeastern Bulgaria, and is recognized as a

tourist, cultural and historic center.

Annually, especially during the summer Holiday season, Varna is...