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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

A few more reasons to visit Kranevo

If you have already booked your rent-a-car vehicle for your trip to the city and region of Varna, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the nearby Kranevo resort.  It is in close proximity to Varna, as well as to the “rock’n’roll” capital of Bulgaria - Kranevo, and Kamen Bryag where the unique “July Morning” event happens every year, visited by members of the hippy culture, rockers  and other free spirited people from Bulgaria and the world.

Kranevo is a place where you can relax and enjoy the natural habitat which is largely untouched by the growing urbanization in the other big resorts. The beach is wide, beautiful and covered with fine, gold sand.  When you visit Kranevo you will be able to enjoy not only the wonderful beach and seaside, but also the well-developed eco and traditional village tourism.

The unique “Baltata” nature reserve with an impressive variety of biological kinds - flora and fauna is right next to Kranevo.

The natural habitat in and around Kranevo is amazingly beautiful, and even the pathways to the beach are within wild flowers and fields.

In close proximity to Kranevo, there are two other unique villages - Obrochishte and Chukurovo.  In Obrochishte you can find very well preserved buildings, houses and other architectural structures from the 16th century.  Chukulova has a very interesting Ethnographic museum which is worth visiting too.

Kranevo is also very close to the town of Balchik, which has a number of amazing architectural and natural sightseeing milestones, which you should definitely visit.  One of the most amazing ones is the former palace of the Romanian queen Maria, which is not only an extraordinary construction, but also includes a unique botanical garden with one of the biggest collections of cacti and other flowers and plants in Europe.


Kranevo is the perfect spot to choose for your stay when visiting the Bulgarian black sea region and Varna, because it is located in between the two biggest and possibly best known Bulgarian black sea resorts -Golden Sands and Albena, where there are numerous attractions and fun places to visit. At the same the prices for staying in Kranevo are much lower than the asking prices for hotel booking and food in the big resorts.

By the north beach of Kranevo there is an equestrian base where you can learn or do some horse riding by the sea.

There are a number of different restaurants and other places to eat in Kranevo, where you can enjoy traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as classic European meals.
Kranevo has a reliable medical and dental center, banks, a post office, and has various transportation links to the surrounding cities, to the capital and to the international roads and airport.

A perfect combination between an untouched natural habitat, a beautiful beach, a great location and very competitive prices, Kranevo is definitely one of our top recommendations for those of you interested in visiting Varna, the region and the country.