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*The standard insurance is valid when a protocol from Traffic Police is presented. It doesn’t include windshield, tires or rims.  Emergency phone: 112.



The price includes up to 200km/day. If exceeded, 0.20€/km is charged. For a rental longer than 10 days, the conditions are renegotiated.

The car is given clean and must be returned clean.

The person renting the vehicle must be 21 years or older.  An additional “young driver” fee is required for drivers under the age of 21.  The renter needs to present a valid driver’s license (+ blue control card for Bulgarian drivers), an ID card and/or a passport.
The deposit for the rental car is 200 euro.  The deposit is released as soon as the rented car is accepted by a representative of the car rental company.


•    Cash
•    All credit and debit cards
•    Bank Transfer


There is an option for purchasing “Super insurance” which is paid for in addition to the car rental fee.  This insurance is not valid for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
The insurance policies for the rented vehicles are not valid for vandalism in the car interior (including harm to seats, dashboard or roof.)!


The fee for lost car registration and documents is 60 euro.

The fee for driving the rented car abroad is 70 euro.


Second driver: an additional fee of 1.5 euro per day is required for a rental period of up to 10 days. For a rental period longer than 10 days, there is no extra fee for an additional driver of the rented car.

Additional options:
An additional fee is required for renting extras for the car, such as: baby car seats, strollers, boosters and GPS navigation.


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* Our cars are not marked with advertisements or special stickers which will make your driving experience and blending in the town life easier and more comfortable.