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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Don’t miss on the opportunity to visit the unique Festa Delphinarium in varna

One of the top attractions in the city of Varna is the Festa Delphinarium, which the only one in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.  It has become somewhat of a symbol for the beautiful Black Sea coast city.

The delphinarium was opened back in 1984, and has since then offered an unforgettable experience to all of the guests of Varna and other Black Sea resorts who come and visit it unique dolphin show.  For the eager and willing visitors, the Varna delphinarium offers the service of swimming with the dolphins and enjoying time playing with them in the water.

This amazing marine aquarium is located in the Northern part of Varna’s beautiful Sea Garden.  The construction of the delphinarium itself is an attraction.  It is in the form of a glass cube, and was designed by a famous Bulgarian architect.

The center point of the delphinarium of course is the swimming pool.  It is six meters deep and is filled with clean sea water extracted from a location far away from the Black sea shore and deep enough to avoid any pollutants which could harm the dolphins.

The delphinarium has 1200 seats, from where the visitors can watch and enjoy the amazing dolphin-show filled with acrobatics, dancing, singing and sports.  

The dolphins in the Festa Delphinarium are currently five.  Three of them are from a Cuban delphinarium and were caught in the Caribbean, and the two youngest ones were actually born in the marine aquarium, which is living proof of the excellent conditions which the dolphins named Kimbo, Poppy, Dolly, Yoanna and Bimbo live in.


The guests can also enjoy the view of the dolphins playing and swimming under water from the Café located in the delphinarium, which has a glass panoramic window separating it from the swimming pool.

Делфинариум Варна

For those guests who want to experience the unique close contact and swim with the dolphins, the service offered by the Festa Delphinarium will be a memorable experience.  It is provided with reservations only, and of course requires an additional tax be paid, but all precautions are taken by the trainers and personnel to provide a great and safe experience for all guests.

Often tourists from other parts of the Black Sea coast organize trips with buses, rent-a-car or other means of transportation to Varna especially for the sake of visiting the

Festa Delphinarium and the beautiful dolphins who inhabit it.

Luckily for visitors from other cities or countries can plan ahead and purchase their tickets or making reservations for swimming with the dolphins online, which is quick, easy and safe.

So, remember if you are planning on visiting Varna, or are nearby – you shouldn’t miss the unique experience of the only marine aquarium for dolphins in Bulgaria, which is located in the Sea Garden of the city.