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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Places and sights which you shouldn’t miss when visiting Varna

visited by a multitude of tourists

from all over the world. Even though Varna is a modern city, with a well-developed infrastructure and

reliable public transportation system, it is always advisable to consider renting a car from Varna or the

region when planning on visiting the city or any of the surrounding holiday resorts.

The city is not small, so having your own car or a rented one will definitely make your life easier when


In the center of this amazing city you can see the second biggest church cathedrals in Bulgaria – “The

Dormition of the Mother of God”, as well as two smaller but also beautiful churches – St. Nicolas and

St.Atanasi, which all have amazing orthodox Christian icons, frescos and alters.

In the breezy summer nights, you can enjoy a pleasant walk in Varna’s famous park – the “Morska

Gradina” (Sea garden). It is spread on nearly 197 acres of land, and even though it was artificially

started up, today is considered a protected reserve, and is the home of amazing rare and beautiful

plants and floral species.

Some of the most prominent tourist attractions of Varna are located on the premises of the Sea

Garden, such as the Dolphinarium, where you can enjoy the show with the dolphins or swim with

them, the city Aquarium, the “Nicolaus Copernicus” Observatory-Planetarium, as well as the National

Navy Museum of Bulgaria.

When you are not enjoying the sun rays and clean waters of the beaches of Varna, you can also go

visit one of the many other museums in the city, such as the Black Sea Museum, the Archaeological

museum, the Medical Museum or the Natural or Ethnological museums of this beautiful city.

If you want to take a longer trip outside of the city of Varna, then you should choose to pass through

Bulgaria’s longest bridge – the Asparuhovski Bridge, leading out of Varna.

There is wide choice of amazing natural, historical and cultural sights which deserve to be seen in the

Varna region. One of them is the “Pobiti Kamuni” region, which is made up of unique rock formations

which look like natural columns, and are a one of a kind natural phenomenon. They are located at

about 20 km from Varna.

If you are willing to take a slightly longer trip, then we highly recommend visiting the “Dalboka” region,

which is located at about 70 km North of Varna, near the “Rock’n’Roll capital of Bulgaria” Kavarna.

Dalboka (which means “deep”) is a stunning deep valley, which apart from the amazing natural views

from the meeting point of the mountains and the sea, also is the home of ruins from the Byzantium and

Roman empires.

When you are done with the amazing sightseeing you can continue enjoying the incredible view of

the clear waters of the Black Sea from the couple of traditional restaurants located in the deepest

part of the area, right by the sea, where delicious Black sea shells and other sea food is served in an

unforgettable setting. Remember, if you decide to visit “Dalboka” and you are renting a vehicle from

Varna or the region, you should probably consider renting a 4x4 drive model.

In addition, there are several old and beautiful monasteries in the Varna region, including the “Holy

trinity” “Aladzha cave monastery and the “St. Constantine and Elena” monastery in the center of the

resort which has the same name and is located at about 10 km from Varna.

If you are willing to experience the pleasure of combining an absolutely unique natural phenomenon

with important historic and cultural sites, then remember to visit Cape Kaliakra – the longest sea cape

in Bulgaria, where the Kaliakra Fortress dating back to the Thracian, roman and Ottoman empires is

located. This entire stunning Kaliakra area has been declared a protected reserve too.

Another amazing UNESCO protected natural reserve in the Varna region is the Kamchiya river

reserve, which is located at about 30 km from Varna, where you can walk amongst trees which are

over 120 years old, and among the very rare and nearly extinct swamp snowdrop flower, swamp water

lilies and others. This is an excellent spot for people who enjoy bird watching as well.

For an even wider assortment of endangered and rare plants, you can spend a day at the botanical

garden of Balchik, which has the second biggest cactus collection in Europe, and numerous other rare

and beautiful plants.