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Advice and steps for renting a car

one avoids the inconvenience of public transportation and is given greater independence and mobility when travelling.
While planning on using a car rental service when on holiday or for other tavelling purposes, it is always recommended that you plan ahead.  It is risky and costlier to rent an automobile at the last moment. Often, you will find that the car of your preference will no longer be available when you need it, if you wait too long to make your reservation   Keep in mind, that there are probably other people who will be looking to rent the same car at that exact moment, so make sure you plan ahead of your trip.
Also, when renting a vehicle in advance, the rent-a-car company usually offers a better price and further discounts for its services, plus you will get a wider range of vehicles to pick from.
The time period for which you will be renting the car is also important for the price you will be paying for the service.  The standard rent is for 24 hours, which means that if you pick up the car from the car rental service at 12 at noon, you will have to return it by the same time on the next day.
When planning on renting a vehicle for your trip, always perform your research beforehand to ensure that you pick it up at a convenient place and time.  Usually, the car rental service will offer to deliver your car to a certain address in the resort of your choice or at the airport, depending on your needs.
Also, take into consideration what type of vehicle will serve you best. The compact and fuel efficient car is probably the perfect choice for the big town, because it will save you money and will make finding free parking space easier.  It is a great choice for sightseeing around the Black Sea towns.  But if you are planning to travel in the mountain areas, a 4x4 vehicle is probably a wiser choice. 
Depending on the number of people which will be travelling with you, a seven or nine seat van could be a perfect choice for you.  Of course, if you want to travel in class, there are luxury vehicles available for rent as well.
The rented car is recieved with a full fuel tank, and this is the way it must be returned.
After you have picked the car of your choice, remember to take a thorough look at it and make sure that any dents or other visible damage is duly recorded in the rental agreement when you are picking it up.  Also, check whether the air conditioning and other basic functionalities of the car are working before signing it off.
Requirements for renting a car
The driver (the person renting the car) needs to be 21 or older.  If the customer is under 21 years of age, there is an additional “young driver” fee, plus the car rental deposit requested by the rental company is double the ammount.
Also, naturally you need to have a valid driver’s license, plus an ID or passport in order to rent a vehicle.
You owe a 100 Euro deposit when renting your car, and for some of the higher classes of vehicles you will be required to leave a 200 Euro deposit.
This deposit will be refunded once you have returned the rented vehicle to the rental company, and any damages have been ruled out by the rental company.