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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Why visit Obzor?

The Black Sea town of Obzor is famous for having one of the longest beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea shore. The beach is nearly 10 kilometers long, and reaches a width of up to 20 meters. Best of all it is all covered with fine, gold sand.

This town is at the border of the Varna and Burgas regions, and is located next to the panoramic seacoast road connecting the Northern and the Southern Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria.

Obzor is located in a wide bay area starting from the St. Atanas cape and reaching South to the Eminska mountain, which is the last section of the Balkan mountains. This location makes Obzor a unique seaside and mountain resort, and thus makes it a preferred destination for many Bulgarian and foreign guests. There is a mineral spring in the mountain right next to the town.

The green mountain areas are an excellent place where tourists can go on relaxing walks or simply rest away from the summer sun and heat.

The town of Obzor is located 65 kilometers South of Varna, and about 74 kilometers North of Burgas. This close proximity and easy access to the two biggest Bulgarian Black Sea cities and their airports by bus or rental car is another reason why you should visit Obzor.

The unique mountainous and sea climate and nature will meet the preferences and tastes of any guest. The town itself is quiet and cozy, but then again it does offer all sorts of entertainment for its guests, including: restaurants, bars, clubs and more.

For the more active guests of the town, there are possibilities for playing volleyball, jogging, cycling, surfing, water skiing, swimming and many more. 
For the youngest visitors, Obzor has a number of fun amusement parks, playgrounds, and others.

There are new, modern and luxurious hotel complexes in Obzor, as well as more traditional and smaller hotels and houses for the guests of this beautiful town. The best part is that the wonderful beach is up to 15 minutes walking distance from any point of Obzor.

The town is a preferred destination for people who suffer from different health issues, including problems with the pulmonary system, the nervous system, mobility of the body, spine issues as well as different allergies. The climate, as well as the mineral spring water is known to help with these and more health problems.

Obzor has a history of thousands of years. There are artefacts proving that these lands were occupied by the proto-Bulgarians, the people of Trace, Bysantium, Romans and Turks from the Ottoman empire. All of these different populations have left their unique mark on the history and traditions of the town and the region. There are unique ruins from a Roman bath dated from 4-6th century A.C. which are definitely worth seeing.

A wide variety of different national and international festivals are held in Obzor throughout the year, but still it remains a quieter and much more tranquil resort as compared to the big Black Sea resorts known for their crazy night life.