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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Black Sea town of Byala

Even though the mountain ends there, the slopes to the shore are not that steep. The shore is made up of a number of small bays, some of them rocky and others covered with golden sands. The central beach of the town of Byala is wide and long and covered with nice fine sands. Many residents and guests from Bulgaria and abroad though prefer the smaller and more intimate beaches around the town and in the region. The beaches in the municipality are more than 6 km in length, but it is not one long and wide beach, but rather a number of smaller and unique ones.

One of the untouched and cleanest camping sights and beaches in Bulgaria – Irakli is 20 kilometers away from the town of Byala.
Other destinations which cause an influx of tourists from around the world to the Byala region and town are the unique white rocks (“Byala” means white).
For those who like to stay active and have fun, there is a water park located on the Central beach of the town, plus a wide range of water sports from which to choose from. You can also enjoy a snack at the fast food restaurant on the beach, or if you prefer, you may choose from the extensive variety of traditional Bulgarian and international restaurants in the town itself.

There is also a big choice of types of hotels and resorts in the town and the region which can meet the expectations and satisfy the tastes of even the most pretentious guests, as well as those who prefer a more down-to-earth holiday. The town of Byala is a quieter and much more relaxed place to stay as compared to some of the noisy and famous Bulgarian resorts such as Sunny beach.

For those who enjoy a glass or two of wine, there is a unique wine cellar in Byala where some of the best Bulgarian wines can be tried. The reason is that the municipality is located in a traditional winery and vineyard region.

Since, the first village founded in the place of today’s Byala dates back to the 6th century B.C. and was built next to a major Roman road, the place has a rich tradition in culture and history. There is a beautiful ethnographic park in Byala too.

The transportation to the town of Byala is easy and comfortable. It can be done via a bus, a taxi, or for the guests who arrive at the Varna Airport via the regular bus lines or a rental car from the city. The road to Byala is incredibly panoramic, as it is along the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea coastline.