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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

The amazing Golden Sands resort

18 kilometers away from the Black Sea “capital” city

of Varna, it is a good idea to consider renting a car from Varna when visiting the resort. Of course, there

are regular bus lines which travel to the resort as well.

The guests of this amazing resort have a wide range of choices for places to stay. There are several

5-star hotels in Golden Sands: Oasis, Riviera Beach, Admiral Marina and Imperial. Of course, for the

less pretentious guests there is a big variety of other hotels in the resort as well. There are options for

renting or purchasing an apartment on the territory of the Golden Sands resort as well.

The fact that this resort is located right next to a natural protected park makes it a perfect choice for

people who love walking among the wild and enjoying the beautiful seaside flora and fauna. There

are five tourist lanes in the area, which lead to amazing places in the woods and among the rare and

protected plants and wild animals there. In close proximity to Golden Sands there is a unique cave

monastery named “Aladja” which can be reached by walking or driving a rent-a-car.

Apart from being a traditional summer seaside resort, Golden sands is a preferred destination for

seminars, conferences, team-buildings, and other similar events and activities throughout the entire


The guests of the resort have a choice of relaxing on the amazing Golden Sands beach, or choose to relax

by the pool or enjoy some spa procedures performed in many of the hotels with the use of the natural

spring water from the region.

The holiday goers can choose among the wide variety of restaurants, bars, discotheques and other

places for eating and entertainment.

Of course, the close proximity to the city of Varna makes this choice even larger.

It is a good idea for guests to rent a car from Varna, if they want to travel back and forth to Golden

Sands, or to travel to other interesting historic and cultural spots nearby.

The Golden Sands is a perfect place for people to enjoy taking a walk in the pedestrian alleys in the

resort. For the more active guests there is a wide variety of sports venues and equipment to choose

from – there is a horse riding base, several basketball and volleyball courts, a bowling alley, a bicycle

lane, mini golf, paintball competitions, fitness centers and gyms, etc.

Naturally, the guests of Golden Sands can enjoy the classes and equipment for water sports offered on

the beach, such as surfing, diving, kite surfing, sky diving, yachting, and others.

For the youngest guests of the resort, as well as for the adults who enjoy wild water rides and slides, the

Golden Sands resort has a water park as well.