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What to avoid when driving a car from a rent-a-car company

Renting a car from a rent-a-car company in Varna has multiple advantages and allows us to travel throughout the country comfortably, but as well as rights, we also have obligations when we are using a vehicle from a company for rented cars as well. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the rights you have as a customer of a car rental service as well as your obligations as such. If you are planning to rent a car from a rent-a-car service, please keep in mind the following things you shouldn’t do while the car is in your possession:

not to do with rental car

Here is what NOT to do with the car you have rented:
1. You cannot re-rent the rented car to third parties. You have a rental contract with the rent-a-car company and it does not allow re-renting the vehicle to others.
2. You do not have the right to leave the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with the rented vehicle. It is provided by the car rental company to be used only within the territory of the country.
3. You are not allowed to use your rented vehicles for training, for lessons or for taking part in races and competitions.
4. You should never leave the car registration or the car keys in the rented car when you park it. Make sure that you diligently lock the car when you park it and always take the car keys and the registration documents with you.
5. In accordance to the local laws and regulations, you should never drive your rented car under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. You should always follow the rules of the Bulgarian Road Traffic Law when you are driving a rented vehicle here.
6. You must be a responsible driver and monitor the oil, water and antifreeze levels in the car you have rented from a car rental company.
7. In case you are in a traffic accident, it is your responsibility to do everything possible to minimize the damage of the rented car.
8. If the rented automobile breaks down while you are driving on the highway, you need to either try to leave the highway as soon as possible, or stop the car in the emergency lane, as far away from the other lanes as possible. Turn the tires far right when you stop and turn the emergency lights on. If it is dark, you should also turn the parking lights on. Place the light reflecting triangle at least 30 meters behind the stopped car, and put on the reflective vest which you will find in the boot of the car you have rented from a rent-a-car company. You and all passengers should leave the car from the right side, and stay safely out of the way while you wait for the car repair service sent by your rent-a-car company. Do not attempt to repair the rented vehicle by yourself!