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Safe driving advice for Bulgaria

Whether you are renting a car from a rent-a-car company in Varna or elsewhere, please familiarize yourselves with some basic traffic rules in Bulgaria, and to follow them. Also, please follow the following main rules when you sit behind the wheel:

- Always wear your seatbelt - in Bulgaria it is mandatory and seatbelts save thousands of lives annually. Make sure that your companions have put seatbelts on as well.

- Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs - this is also prohibited by law, but unfortunately remains the main cause of accidents and deaths on the roads in Bulgaria.

- Do not drive tired. If you're tired better take a few hours to rest before you drive or assign the wheel of another licensed driver.

- Do not use your mobile phone while you are driving unless you have a hands-free device or option. Also refrain from writing text messages and chatting or browsing the Internet while driving. If you need to make a call without a hands-free, you better pull over first.

drive safely

- Comply with the road signs and speed limits. First of all, you can receive a fine for speeding, secondly, you should know that 40% of accidents and deaths on Bulgarian roads occur due to speeding. Generally in Bulgaria, unless otherwise specified with a sign permit speeds: in towns 50 km/h outside populated areas 90 km/h, highways 140 km/h.

- Stop at the red light and at a stop sign even you cannot see other members of the traffic passing as you are approaching.

- If you have a baby or child under 12 years, a baby or child seat is required for the car.

- Give priority to pedestrians and cyclists, since 10% of fatalities or serious injuries on the road here is due to taking away the right of way of pedestrian or driver of the bike.

- Drive with headlights turned on even during the day - it reduces the risk oncoming driver does not see you in time.

These are only some of the basic rules of safe driving in Bulgaria, but we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the general rules of the road before you rent a car from rent-a-car in the town of Varna.