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Several simple rules to follow when planning on renting a car

What you need to know when renting a car

First of all, of course you must have a clear drivers license and a valid ID card or passport in order to be a valid client for renting a car.  Also, you should have sufficient cash or a credit card which can cover the upfront payment and the entire cost for using this service.



The rental process itself can physically happen on the spot at the company’s office, or you may order a car online before arriving at your destination.  In either of these cases, it is crucial that you and an employee from the car rental company perform a thorough initial visual and quality control of the vehicle.  You should look for any damage on the car body and inside the car, as well as perform a test of the basic functions, such as the headlights, the windshield wipers, the air conditioning, and others.  Also, always make sure that you have a spare tire and the necessary instruments for changing it.


Any damages you notice should be added to the protocol of receipt of the car.  It is a good idea to take photos of any damages you notice, in order to handle possible claims upon return.


After you have signed this protocol, you will be asked to make an upfront deposit payment depending on your contract, which can be done with a credit card or in cash.


Safety precautions for driving and parking a rented vehicle

Even though, in Bulgaria all the cars offered for rent by legitimate car rentals need to have a Third Party liability insurance paid, in many cases, any additional insurance policies for damages, injuries or for car theft will require paying an additional tax for the rental period.


In any case, you are advised to take all safety precautions while driving and when parking the rented car.  Naturally, it is essential that you do not proceed to drive the rented car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Also, you should choose a well-lighted or secured parking spot for the car, in order to minimize the chances of theft or break-ins.


How to find the best vehicle rental services

Just like with the other services and products on the market, there is a wide choice of car rental services – some of them part of big international chains and others smaller and locally-based companies.


It is always a great idea to perform some research in advance before renting a car – either on the spot or online.  It is strongly suggested that you choose a car from a company which has photos of its actual cars available online and also to read carefully and require more information in regard to possible hidden taxes for using the service.


Usually, the good car rental companies have offices locate at or near the airport as well as in or near the biggest hotels in the area.


A professional car rental company will be able to give you any professional advice before and during the use of its services, and also will provide assistance at all times, in case you are in an accident or if the car gets stolen or damaged during your use.