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Why rent a car from us?

Whether you are a citizen of Varna or visiting the city or the Bulgarian Black Sea coast region, renting a car from a car rental company in Varna, which has years of experience and a growing number of satisfied customers, has many advantages.

If you are from Varna or form the area and cannot rely on your own car or do not own one at the moment, you can always rent one of our well-maintained cars or vans at the lowest possible prices and under optimal conditions.

A great advantage is that we ensure regular meticulous maintenance of our fleet and we take care of all required insurances, so you do not have to worry about maintenance, repairs or car insurance when you rent a car from us.

If you are planning a trip or a visit to Varna, what better way to get around without problems and get to from point A to point B quickly and seamlessly than by renting a car from us? Aside from that, it is very convenient to always have a car handy when you need it for your entire stay.

We offer a wide variety of different cars and vans of all classes, so we are ready to meet any of your requirements and requests when you are choosing which vehicle to rent.

Whether you are a guest to Varna on business or for pleasure, renting a car from us will be a great relief for you.

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The advantage of using a rented car when you are a guest of the city is that you do not have to worry about the technical condition of your own car, as well as any repair work in case of a breakdown or an accident. We will take care of it for you.

You only want to fill the fuel tank and you can drive or ride carefree during your visit here. You get to choose the car and the fuel type you prefer!

You can use our cars in the city itself, as well as for trips on the Black Sea coast or around the country.

We have years of experience and know and understand our client’s needs very well. We will help you make the best choice of car to fit your budget and to serve you best depending on what you need it for.

We also offer convenient transfers with a luxury bus from several popular destinations in and around Varna.

For added convenience, you can also hire a driver for your rented car. This is particularly useful when you do not know the area or speak the language. Our drivers know English or Russian, so you can easily communicate with them as well as use them as guides around Varna and its surroundings.

For even greater convenience, we offer online queries as well as easy and fast online checking of all the available cars for the dates you are interested in.
Check them out and book your car now!