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How to avoid being scammed by a car rental company

Have you ever been scammed when renting a car? Here are ways to notice misleading offers and avoid being ripped off when choosing a rent-a-car company in Varna or anywhere else.

rent a car scam

Aside from problems such as having to interact with rude employees or getting left without a car even after you have reserved it, there are some other types of scams which unfortunately can happen when you are renting a vehicle just about anywhere. Here are some of the most popular ones to be aware of next time you are picking a car rental company:
1. The upfront fares are suspiciously low. Keep in mind the possibility that the inexpensive car advertised is not available when you arrive at the car rental and you will be offer much more expensive options instead. This can lead you to have to pay up to 3 or more times more the initial price.
2. Unnecessary insurance. Often, the rent-a-car company will ask you to pay for insurance which yоu most probably already have, such as: personal accident, collision damage or liability protection insurance. This can cost you almost as much as the rented car itself.
3. False damage claims. Some car rental services may ask you to pay for damage incurred to the vehicle under your watch. Often this damage is pre-existing, so make sure you give the car a very thorough look for dents and other damage before you sign off and rent it.
4. Huge gas bills. Make sure you never return a rented car without filling it up beforehand. Returning a half empty car means that you will get charged a huge sum for gas by the company.
5. Fees for delayed return. Make sure that you check whether the car rental service has such fees before you rent a car from them, because anything can happen when you are travelling and you don’t want to pay a huge fine for being late to take or return the car, right?
6. Advance payment request. Make sure that if the rental company asks for an advance payment for the car to take a look at the conditions for receiving the payment back in case you need to cancel the reservation. Some companies will keep the entire fee if you fail to show up.

So, take the time to read the fine print next time you are planning on renting a car, because it can save you a lot of money and frustration of being cheated into paying more than you initially intended!