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Тips for driving in wet conditions in Bulgaria

If you plan to rent a car from rent-a-car in Varna in the winter or autumn months, it is good to know some rules for driving in rain or on the wet roads of the national road network of Bulgaria.

In seasons of heavy rain or snow, it is not uncommon for potholes and bumps to appear on the road. You must be especially careful not to fall into such a hole as this could lead to an accident or to damage to the rented car.

It is important to drive at a reasonable speed, which allows you to spot these holes and bumps in time, so that you can either stop or drive around them at a slower speed. Be careful when trying to avoid holes and bumps, so that you don’t accidentally collide in another vehicle or an obstacle on the road.

Keep in mind that in the rain these bumps and potholes are filled with water, so they are more difficult to notice.

driving in wet weather

In the winter season, it is likely that the road marking is hidden by the snow. In these moments it is important to drive at a double distance from the vehicle in front of you, especially when driving in the dark hours. Sufficient distance will give you time to stop the car in time within the zone of visibility.

To stay on the safe side when driving a rented car on wet roads, follow these tips:
- Drive at a slower speed than normal
- Make sure that the car tires are well inflated and are not worn out
- When turning, the brakes are pressed before the turn, but during cornering you should let go of both the breaks and the accelerator. When exiting start accelerating swiftly
- Always maintain a greater distance than usual in wet conditions, and try to drive in the tire tracks of the car ahead of you, for a better grip when braking
- Check the wipers and headlights of the vehicle before taking off
- Avoid abrupt steering and braking when driving in wet conditions
- If the rain is so heavy that it can not see through the windscreen, the best option is to stop the car in a place where stopping is permitted and where you will not hinder the traffic
- Hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands, for a better grip in the event of coming upon a bump or hole
- If your car slips and slides on the wet road, do not brake
- Usually the first rain is the most dangerous because it makes the road very slippery
- If you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, do not go on the road, especially if the road surfaces are wet or there is rain or snow