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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Visit Mall Varna and Grand Mall Varna - for a lot of shopping and fun

If you are planning to rent a car from a rent-a-car company in Varna, and are planning to spend some time the city and the area, you should definitely visit Mall Varna and Grand Mall Varna.  These popular and modern retail outlets are places where you can shop and spend some leisure time. There are various restaurants, fast food places, cafes and others in the Varna Mall.  Also, there are different entertainment areas as well.

There are about 150 different stores in Mall Varna, where you can purchase goods from more than 300 manufacturers from around the world.

You can spend some fun moments with your family in the Capella restaurant, which has a spacious entertainment area for children. This will allow you to enjoy your meal without having to worry about the kids.

You can go see one of the latest blockbuster movies in one of the 8 viewing rooms of one of the biggest and most modern cinemas in Varna - the “Arena” movie theater. It shows 3D movies as well.

One of the biggest, state-of-the art fitness centers in Varna is also located in Mall Varna, if you want to do some exercising.

If you prefer to have some pure fun, visit the Playground club bar, which has SEGA games, foosball tables, billiard tables, air hockey and 10 bowling lanes.

There is a traditional closed vegetable and fresh produce market in the Mall as well.  You can purchase traditional and natural local produce there every day of the year.

For your convenience, Mall Varna has 720 parking spaces.

mall varna


The other most popular trade center in Varna is Grand Mall Varna.  It is the biggest one in the city.  You can purchase: clothes, shoes, jewelry and all kinds of products made by world famous brands. There are constant promotions and sales you do not want to miss.

You can visit one of the many various restaurants, cafes, quick food places and others when you visit Grand Mall Varna.

The huge, light spaces of this Mall are often the arena of various exhibitions, festivals, carnivals and parties, so you may want to check the program once you are in town.

The Grand Mall Varna is located at a convenient area which is easily reachable from the airport, railway station and bus station of the city.  You can park your vehicle from rent-a-car in one of the 1,700 parking spaces available at the mall.

Don’t miss out on visiting these two most famous trade and entertainment centers in Varna. You will find products and entertainment which are suitable for all ages.