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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Shkorpilovtsi - a unique Black sea village with a stunning beach

If you are planning to rent a car from rent-a-car in Varna for your next visit and vacation in the area, it is very strongly recommended that you take the time to visit the small village of Shkorpilovtsi. It is only 40km south of the town of Varna, and is located just 2km from the Black Sea coast.

The old name of the village is Fandiklii, which means Chestnut forest in Turkish. Shkorpilovtsi was renamed in honor of the famous Bulgarian researchers  - the Shkorpil brothers.

The beach by Shkorpilovci is about 13 km long and is the longest continuous beach on the Bulgarian Black sea coast.  Its width reaches up to 100 meters.  The long and straight coastline with no bays, is an excellent prerequisite for waves and wind suitable for windsurfing and surfing.  It is considered the best beach for surfing in Bulgaria.
The unique beach connects the mouth of the river Kamchia and resort towns Byala and Obzor.

The ichthyology base of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, together with the impressive bridge with a length of 300 meters is located in Shorpilovtsi.
There is a wood along the beach which makes the area perfect for hiking and camping.

Near Shkorpilovci is the Longosa natural preserve, where unique plants and animal species thrive. The area is surrounded by two branches of the mouth of the river Shkorpilovska which run through the dense forest, and includes more than 40 species of trees over 150 years old reaching 50 meters in height. The unique vines that descend create natural curtains hanging over the river, and make the area superb for boat exploration. There are beautiful lilies and rare plants in the river and swamps in the area. You can see many unique mammals in the forest, such as: foxes, deer, wild cats, wild boar and others. There are more than 250 bird species, of which nearly ¼ are listed as threatened species in the red book.


Also nearby is a Black cape (Karadere), which is the northernmost point of the Balkan Mountain which touches the Black Sea.

The village of Shkorpilovtsi is not overly built, and is a great place to spend the summer holidays. It is only a 30 minute drive with your rented car from Varna, and its incredible proximity to unspoiled nature, amazingly long and straight beach and the cool beautiful forest, will make you want to stay in Shkorpilovtsi longer. There is a good choice of hotels, villas and private rented rooms and homes, as well as holiday villages nearby, where you can stay. Also, the area is popular for people who prefer to camp.