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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Visit the oldest Bulgarian Black Sea resort of “Saints Constantine and Helena”

Located only 8km North of the town of Varna, is the first and one of the best known Bulgarian Black sea resorts among both Bulgarian and foreign tourists – “Saints Constantine and Helena” (formerly known as “Drujba”).

This resort is very easy to reach by car or bus, or even better by airplane to the Varna airport from where you can easily come by taxi or rent-a-car.

This resort is located on a unique natural terrace above the seaside.  The thick forest reaches almost to the beach, and the beach itself spreads up to 3.5 kilometers in length.

Probably, the most unique natural feature of this resort is the fact that there are seven thermal mineral springs there, one of which is hot and flows directly into the sea, which makes it suitable even for the winter season. The water from these springs is known to help treat and cure a wide varieties of serious health conditions, including problems with the cardiovascular system, the endocrine and pulmonary system, as well as the nervous and the musculoskeletal systems of the body. The unique mineral waters are known to help even with conditions such as psoriasis, diabetes and obesity.

Combined with the climate, the effect of the spring water with low mineralization in the “Saints Constantine and Helena” resort will have a positive effect both on healthy and on not so healthy people.

There are a number of hotels, residences, restaurants, bars, and all kinds of attractions which are bound to meet the requirements of even the most pretentious guests.

There is a unique monastery in close proximity to the resort named “Saints Constantine and Helena” which became the reason for the development of this resort,  and which is located among the thick woods and close to the Black sea shore.

Св.св. Константин и Елена

The monastery is one of the three holy places in the world which has part of the relics of the saint of love – St. Valentine.

The monastery and the amazing nature it is surrounded with first attracted the Bulgarian Prince Alexander Battenberg back in 1880, who decided to build his residence there.  Soon after that, other members of the Bulgarian elite followed him and began building villas and residences which put a start to the development of this resort.

The Evksinograd Residence which the Prince originally built was later used by Bulgarian royals and government officials through the years.  It is located on an area of 800,000 square meters, of which 550,000 are parks and gardens. There are more than 300 types of plants imported back in the 19th century from the South of France, and there is even a sun watch which was a gift from british Queen Victoria to the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand.

The residence is also well known for its huge wine cellar, where eleven local white wines and seven unique brandies can be tasted.

The “Saints Constantine and Helena” resort has a number of luxurious SPA complexes and hotels, one of which even has a ship-restaurant next to the thermal spring.

Another brilliant attraction which brings guests and diving enthusiasts to the resort from around the world is the 50 meter former Bulgarian government airplane which was donated by the national carrier Bulgaria Air and has been sunk at a depth of 22meters at 700 meters from the shore.  The attraction can be visited for free by any certified diver.

The plane has been known to have carried famous passengers back in the days, including: president Nixon, Fidel Castro and the father of “Perestroyka” Mikhail Gorbachev.