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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Why should you visit the Yagodinska and the Devil's Throat Caves

The Yagodinska cave is located 3km away from the village of Yagodina and 20km south of the town of Devnya. The unique cave is on the right bank of the Buynovska River, famous for creating the most picturesque and longest gorge in the country.

If you rent a car in Varna and plan to travel to the Western Rhodope Mountains, take the time to visit this natural wonder. It can be reached by taking the Devin-Dospat road, and turning along the Teshel dam wall.

It is open from 9 to 16:15 year-round for visitors, with a tour guide. The age of the cave is about 275 thousand years, and its length reaches 10,500 meters. At the entrance there is the only Eneolithic dwelling in Europe preserved in its natural form. It is where a ceramic furnace, ceramic vessels and many unique exhibits of the Stone-Copper Age were found.

This is the longest cave in the Rhodope Mountains, and consists of 3 main levels plus 2 intermediate ones. You can admire the beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, blue lakes, dendrites and the absolutely unique 22 types of cave pearls. There is even a ritual hall in which marriages are held.

Many cave animals and many cave mushrooms, lichens, molds and mushrooms inhabit in Yagodinska cave.

Ягодинската пещера Дяволското гърло

Nearby, at 1,150 m above sea level, you can visit one of Europe's most mysterious caves - the Devil's Throat. It is not so impressive with its formations like the Yagodinska Cave, but it is surrounded by intriguing mystery and stories.

The Devil's Throat is about 175,000 years old and has an artificially dug-in entrance with a 50-meter tunnel. There you can enter into the first 350m of the cave, which are accessible to visitors. Its total length is 1.5km. There is an impressive devil's head carved in the rocks, as well as the figure of an antique-style man. There is also a small spring of healing water carrying the image of the Virgin Mary. There is a belief that it will make your wishes come true.

The most interesting part of the cave is called the "ThunderHall", which formed after the fall of the Trigrad river in it. The result of the collapse is a unique cascade consisting of 18 waterfalls. The largest is 42m tall and is the highest underground waterfall in the Balkan Peninsula. This hall is of huge size, and is the second largest in Bulgaria. The sound of the water in the hall is deafening, and the river passes and leaves the cave again on the surface through this part of the Devil's Throat. This disappearance of water contributes to the mystery associated with this cave. Local people believe that whatever comes into this cave does not go out. It still cannot be ascertained exactly how the water passes through the siphon and goes out of the cave, but supposedly it goes through a long and tangled labyrinth in the rocks, where the objects are retained and preserved due to the icy waters. The Devil's Throat is also the place where, according to myths, Orpheus manages to convince Hermes to return his beloved Eurydice from Hades's kingdom of the dead. According to the myth, Orpheus fails to comply with the condition of not turning back and looking at his loved one, and so ends up losing her forever.