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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

The magical Krushunski waterfalls

If you have rented a car from a rent-a-car company in Varna, and have time for a walk, you should visit the incredible Krushunски waterfalls. They are located at about 230 km from Varna, next to the village of Krushuna, near Lovech. The waterfalls are located at about 30km from the town of Lovech and at 50km from the town of Pleven. They are known as the largest water travertine cascade in Bulgaria, with numerous basins, waterfalls, thresholds and a wide variety of wild flora and fauna.

You can park your car in the comfortable parking lot built in the village of Krushuna and take the pedestrian alley to the eco-trail. It passes right through the lush greenery along the Maarata River. You will be able to admire the impressive waterfalls with the crystal clear water of the river, falling over the scenic rocks and the fresh green trees and other flora which surrounds them. In fact, the water of the river and the waterfalls has a bright blue hue, which is due to the limestone travertine released from the surrounding rocks.

The main Krushunski waterfall is 20m high and is divided into several sleeves which lead to several smaller but still beautiful waterfalls. The air around them is fresh and saturated with water droplets. The perfect time to visit the area is in the spring or summer, when the falling water and droplets in the air will fill you with freshness and an overall great feeling.

The Eco Trail has stairs which will take you directly to the cave where the spring of the Maarata River is located. The walk along this path will remain an unforgettable memory. It passes through 15 marvelous wooden bridges and many stairs. Near the cave there are ruins of a monastery built in the 13th 14th century.

Крушунски водопади

There is a symbolic fee of 1 BGN for visiting the area.

You will need about an hour and a half to tour the area along the entire eco trail. If you prefer, you can hire a mountain guide from the village.

After enjoying the incredible views, you can take a walk on one of the other eco trails built around the area.

Four of the biggest caves in Bulgaria are located in the area. The cave where the Maarata River spring is located is named "Waterfall" and is about 2 km long. Only the first 150m are open for tourists but the view is still unforgettable.

Nearby is another unique natural landmark - the Devetashka Cave. You will easily find it after crossing the bridge over the Osam river towards the village of Devetaki. You will easily find the cave if you keep walking along the right bank of the river in the direction of the flow. Other caves in the area are: Gornik and Urushki Maara.

Be sure to make time to visit the Krushunski waterfalls next time you rent a car in Varna. You will be amazed by this picturesque and magical place