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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Why you should visit the unique Naval Museum in Varna

In case after you hire a rental car from rent-a-car company in Varna, you have time to explore local attractions, make sure to take the time to visit the Naval Museum.

It has existed for 130 years, during which the museum has collected unique exhibits from the history of the Bulgarian naval achievements, as well as the shipbuilding and ship repair done in Bulgaria for centuries.

The collection of naval exhibits originated in Ruse based on a report by Captain Lieutenant Rozhestvenski to Defense Minister of Bulgaria on 12.10 1883. This document can be seen in the museum.
in 1921, after the World War I, the museum moved to Varna. Today, the museum has numerous exhibits reflecting the glorious past of the Bulgarian navy, merchant marine, shipping, ship repair, shipbuilding, marine sports and artistic painting. It has a collection of more than 1,200 items, including: marine weapons, miniature ship models, medals, uniforms, photographs and more.

You can enjoy the 15 major collections of artifacts, namely:
I. Weapons: cold and fire arms
II. Ship weapons, torpedoes, guns and torpedo machines
III. Ship furniture and equipment
IV. Awards, cups, certificates, stamps, seals
V. Works of art - paintings, drawings, plaques, sculptures, LPs
VI. Pictures, motion pictures, photo albums
VII. Archival documents, testimonies, maps, memories, books, prescriptions, drawings
VIII. Uniforms and all kinds of uniform signs
IX. Flags, pennants, tresses
H. Personal belongings of sailors
XI. Ship models and models of various facilities
XII. Shipping, underwater archeology, marine science and research, sea and water sports
XIII. Harbors
XIV. Ship repair
XV. shipbuilding

Naval Museum Varna

The permanent exhibition is located on two floors. The first floor has artefacts from the ancient Black Sea shipping, including archaeological finds from the Black Sea bottom, a reconstruction of a sailing cannon deck, and unique Bow figures from Bulgarian ships from different periods of the maritime history.

When you visit the Naval Museum in Varna, be sure to check the “Druzkи” ship-museum. This torpedo boat has a unique history and is of great historical importance for the Bulgarian Navy. Purchased from France in the first decade of the 20th century, the “Druzky” torpedo boat has taken part in the Balkan War (1912-1913). It was from this boat where the victorious torpedo attack was done, which is considered the first victory of the Bulgarian Navy.

Within the Naval museum you can see the "Cor Caroli" yacht with which Captain G.Georgiev performed the first solitary sailing around the world in 1976-77 by a Bulgarian.

All these exhibits would be interesting not only for people who are interested in ships, but for all who wanted to learn historical facts about Navy shipbuilding and everything related to marine navigation.

So, next time you rent a car in Varna, do not miss out on the unique opportunity to visit the Naval museum.