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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

The new singing fountain in Varna is the new jewel of the sea capital of Bulgaria

If you are travelling to the city of Varna or the region, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit the latest attraction of the sea capital of Bulgaria, namely the “singing” fountain located on Independence (Nezavisimost) square of the city.

It was officially opened in August 2015 on the big Bulgarian religious holiday Assumption of St. Virgin Mary (also known as "Goliama Bogoroditsa") which is also the official day of Varna, by the Bulgarian Prime Minister, the Mayor of the city and a number of Ministers and other public figures.

Its impressive water jet reaches a height of 41m which makes it the tallest fountain in Bulgaria. Combined with the impressive water jet, and its spectacular lighting and sound, the new fountain undoubtedly became a central attraction for the residents of Varna, as well as for tourists from Bulgaria and abroad.

With 400 LED lights and 52 water pumps, this fountain leaves a lasting impression on young and old.  A modern computer system controls and manages the different combinations of water, music and light, and even though the fountain works all day, it is definitely more impressive after 8:30 p.m. and during the night when the lights are turned on.  There are special weather vanes and instruments which monitor the wind speed and other environmental conditions, in order to regulate water flow and ensure the security of citizens and visitors of the city.

фонтан варна

The incredible show, which is created by more than 2,000 color combinations, the spectacular water jets under the accompaniment of all-favorite music hits, is something that is definitely worth seeing. During the day, the fountain still works, but without lights, but even so you can come to the beautiful seaside town at any time, by plane, train, bus, automobile or rent- a-car and explore the many other cultural, historical, marine and natural attractions of the city until darkness falls and it is time for singing fountain.

You can visit the Sea Garden, the unique dolphin sea aquarium, the many historical monuments, museums, ancient Roman baths, the majestic Cathedral "Assumption", many other churches, or enjoy the sea and the unique nature of the region. Also, keep in mind that Varna regularly hosts some of the most famous international cultural, theater and cinema festivals in Bulgaria and that the city is in very close proximity to some of the most beautiful and popular Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria.

Locals and visitors have already named this unique facility, "the jewel of the city" and it is regularly surrounded by people enjoying the incredibly beautiful show, so if you are planning to visit Varna or one of the nearby resorts, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fantastic singing fountain in the center of the city.