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What to visit in Varna and Bulgaria

Take a tropical river ride in Kamchia near Varna

If you are planning to visit the city of Varna, or any other Black Sea resort in Bulgaria, there is one particular destination which you definitely should not miss, especially if you enjoy the wild and untouched natural habitat – and this is the Kamchia resort.

It is in the Kamchia Biosphere Reserve, which can easily be reached via a car, a bus or a rent-a-car.  It is located only 25 km South of Varna, and offers a perfect combination of sea, river and deep woods.  

This natural park offers its guests the incredible feeling of being in the Amazon Rain forests, especially when they take a boat ride down the Kamchia River among the thick green trees and lianas.  The feeling of being in the tropics is absolutely unique for Bulgaria and for the region.   There are more than 40 different types of trees and shrubs in the Kamchia Reserve, plus there are still some rare and protected plants, including the unique summer snowflake and yellow and white lilies.

Apart from the unique flora, the guests of the Kamchia resort and reserve are able to observe more than 200 types of birds, of which 56 are protected species, plus other unique animals and wildlife, including boars, deer, otters and more.

The Kamchia River is often referred to as one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.  Visitors can go on boat rides along its 40km long longrose grove to the river mouth where it flows into the Black sea, which has been declared as part of the natural heritage and a biosphere reserve protected by UNESCO.


The Kamchia River crosses the Balkan mountain.  It used to be called Ticha by the Slavs, and later on a Roman castle was built on one of its banks.

The resort of Kamchia offers its guests a wide choice of places to stay and to eat.  There are hotels, bungalows, resort complexes and a camping site. There is a fisherman village, where you can try out some unique fish, river and marine delicacies.

Apart from its unique flora and fauna, the Kamchia resort is known to have one of the widest and beautiful beaches on the Black Sea shore. The golden sand is formed in natural dunes, and the sea bottom is flat and clean.  

The people who visit Kamchia can enjoy the unique boat rides down the river, the delicious local meals, as well as have fun with water sports and fishing themselves.
One of the most famous places in the Kamchia resort include the “Romantika” complex, the camping are around the river mouth, as well as all other hotels, houses and villas located near the cool forest and yet in close proximity to the clean blue Black sea shore.